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Quality Construction

At Aus-Wood Sheds we invest that little bit extra to ensure that our sheds retain their strength and integrity over an extended lifetime. These are some of the areas where that investment can be seen.

Compare these features with others in the marketplace. Only Aus-Wood Sheds employs all of these quality measures to build a better shed.

Every Aus-Woods Sheds Garden structure is built to last.

Construction Quality Features
Yellow Tongue Floor

Yellow Tongue floors:

Quality starts from the ground up with our solid Yellow-Tongue floors supported by EcoWood Treated Pine joists. Manufactured for strength and moisture resistance, Yellow Tongue is today's standard in house floors. Don't be fooled by cheap alternatives.

Wall Bracing

Wall Bracing:

Each wall is braced to provide maximum strength and ensure long-term stability.

Door Construction

Steel Frame Doors:

Our standard garden shed door is built upon a galvanized steel frame for strength and rust resistance. External grade ply with EcoWood trim completes the door and ensures maximum long term resistance to weathering.

Roof Strut Construction

Roof Trusses:

All pitched roof sheds over 1.8m long are fitted with roof trusses for extra strength and rigidity.

Screw Fixing

Screw Fixing for strength:

Wherever points of higher stress occur, our sheds are fixed with screws rather than gun-nails. Screw fixing costs more in labour and materials, however, it ensures that our sheds remain sound and retain their strength over many years service.