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High Quality Finish

Every Aus-Woods Sheds Garden structure is built to a high level finish. It is the extra finishing touches which set our sheds apart. The investment in a quality finish pays off with a shed that is neater and more serviceable with a longer lifetime.

Compare the finishing touches in an Aus-Wood Sheds product with the others and you will see that there is no comparison.

Quality Finish Features
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Door Stops:

All doors are finished with EcoWood jambs and stops. The stops help to prevent the ingress of dust and dirt and ensure that there are no ugly "see-through" gaps at the side of the doors.

Window Stops

Window Stops:

All windows are surrounded by stops to help protect the cladding end-grain and to provide a much cleaner and neater finish.


Under eaves cover:

The cladding is fully extended to just under the roof to help minimise the entry of airborne dust and provide a neater finish.


Door Sills:

Doors are fitted with a door sill which is screwed (not nailed) for structural integrity.